.patti's Pendant

.titled : Midnight Moonbeams

| .the nitty gritty |

.piece break-down

.all the details

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.9ct rose gold

.hand-crafted with sustainably sourced gold specifically refined for fabrication
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.natural Black Onyx supplied by Emphasis Jewellery Collection
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.natural White RBC Diamonds supplied by Emphasis Jewellery Collection

.a solid foundation

.designing and crafting the foundation is a crucial part of the hand-making process. A good base gives the piece strength, durability and best of all, room for setting those sparkly things we call diamonds!

.let there be sparkle

.the finer details

.capture the ethereal glow of a moonlit night with "Midnight Moonbeams," a hand-crafted pendant by Emphasis Jewellery Collection. This exquisite piece, shimmers in the light.  Patti has embraced the mystery and beauty of the night with this one-of-a-kind creation

.the gemstones used are as follows:
1 x Emerald Cut Natural Onyx
26 x Natural White RBC Diamonds

.we supplied the 9ct Rose Gold, Diamonds and Onyx