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jewellery repairs at Emphasis Jewellery Collection
.jewellery repairs

.all jewellery repairs from ring resizing, to re-joining your broken jewellery and much, much more

custom makes jewellery at Emphasis Jewellery Collection
.custom makes

.at emphasis jewellery collection, your imagination is the only limit when it comes to all jewellery custom makes

Jewellery Re-Modelling at Emphasis Jewellery Collection

.want to bring new life to your 'aged' pieces? our jewellery re-modelling service is the one for you

.our showcase

.a showcase of our hand-crafted pieces right off the bench with detailed break-downs of gemstones and the creation process beginning from our clients initial inspiration all the way to the final hand-crafted piece
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.sustainability in our handmade pieces

sustainable gold practices at Emphasis Jewellery Collection

.sustainable gold practices

.at Emphasis Jewellery Collection, we believe that luxury should go hand in hand with responsibility. That's why we prioritise ethically sourced gold and sustainable sourcing practices for our exquisite hand-crafted pieces (handmade from start to finish). We understand the importance of environmental and social well-being in the mining process, and we take steps to ensure our gold meets the highest ethical standards. Choose Emphasis Jewellery Collection and experience the brilliance of knowing your piece reflects not only impeccable style, but also ethical sourcing
sustainable jewellery practices at Emphasis Jewellery Collection

.sustainable techniques

.at Emphasis Jewellery Collection, we honour tradition while embracing eco-friendly practices to create & hand-craft timeless pieces that resonate with both the past and the future. We don't just craft exquisite pieces – we weave stories into every design. We believe in the power of tradition, and that's why we utilise sustainable and time-honoured techniques that set our jewellery apart. Embrace conscious luxury with us. Wear a piece that reflects your values and celebrates the enduring beauty of handcrafted excellence
ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones at Emphasis Jewellery Collection

.ethically sourced diamonds

.at Emphasis Jewellery Collection, we are committed to ethical practices, exemplified by our use of conflict-free diamonds in our hand-crafted pieces, fostering transparency and responsibility in the diamond supply chain. Many of our diamonds are independently graded and certified by a specialised grading laboratory. To maintain the stone's flawless appearance, a tiny identification number is laser-inscribed onto its surface. This number is too small to be seen by the naked eye, and can only be seen under a strong magnification


the VERGADOS family

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2nd Generation Jeweller
Design & Concept Lead

Vicky - Owner at Emphasis Jewellery Collection



Customer Service
Pear/Bead Re-Threading

Panos - jeweller at Emphasis Jewellery Collection



3rd Generation Jeweller
Web Dev & Social Media

Pepe - store mascot at Emphasis Jewellery Collection



CEO of Cuteness
Expert in Sniffing & Cuddles

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.unlock the secrets of your jewellery and the creation process from Emphasis Jewellery Collection, Brisbane's premiere Bespoke Jewellers. Dive deeper into the world of gemstones and precious metals where you'll discover expert advice and inspiration to elevate your style and look. Explore tips and tricks on everything from accessorising like a pro to mastering the art of layering. Learn how to choose pieces that flatter your unique look, and gain confidence in creating your unique style. Plus, find helpful guides on caring for your precious pieces, including proper jewellery cleaning techniques to keep your cherished pieces sparkling for years to come. Learn about our in-store jewellery services, from how we repair your jewellery, to the customer experience and our processes. Whether you're a seasoned jewellery aficionado or just starting to build your collection, the emphasis blog is for you!
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