.julia's Necklet

.titled : Riding the Rainbow

| .the nitty gritty |

.piece break-down

.all the details

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.9ct yellow gold

.hand-crafted with sustainably sourced gold specifically refined for fabrication
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.natural Amethyst supplied by Emphasis Jewellery Collection
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.natural Iolite supplied by Emphasis Jewellery Collection
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.natural Peridot supplied by Emphasis Jewellery Collection
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.natural Almandine Garnet supplied by Emphasis Jewellery Collection

.how it started

.the inspiration for this one-of necklet came from a piece in our display, namely this Sterling Silver multi-coloured gemstone bracelet. Julia loved the concept of this, and thus her hand-crafted necklet was modelled off this simplistic, yet bold bracelet
old jewellery from customer for make at emphasis jewellery collection

.the finer details

.julia loved the design of a bracelet in our display cabinet, so we created a stunning one-of-a-kind necklet modelled off it. Capturing the essence of the bracelet she adored, the new piece perfectly complemented her style. Julia was thrilled with the final result!

.the gemstones used are as follows:
- Natural Purple Amethyst
- Natural Rich Blue Iolite
- Natural Green Peridot
- Natural Almandine Garnet

.we supplied the 9ct Yellow Gold for this stunning necklet and the chain links were individually hand-crafted

.crafted by us, Emphasis Jewellery Collection, Julia's exquisite necklet echoes a bracelet she loved. The design concept captures the bracelets essence, transforming it into a stunning piece that perfectly complements her style