.denise's Ring

.titled : Framed for Eternity

| .the nitty gritty |

.piece break-down

.all the details

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.9ct yellow gold

.hand-crafted with sustainably sourced gold specifically refined for fabrication
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.unset from the customers once loved piece, and used to create this stunning one-of piece
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.14 natural RBC diamonds sourced and supplied by Emphasis Jewellery Collection

.how it started

.the opal you see above, was initially set in this teardrop Sterling Silver pendant. We un-set the Opal and re-set it into its new home, 'Framed for Eternity'
old jewellery from customer for make at emphasis jewellery collection

.the finer details

.denise, on a journey from a once loved keepsake to an entirely new jewellery aesthetic, entrusted Aristotle with the design of her new piece, and the result was Denise overcome with emotions. With the final design locked in, the transformation began.

.the gemstones used are as follows:
1 x Oval Opal
14 x Natural White RBC Diamonds

.we supplied the 9ct Yellow Gold for this stunning ring

.the whole ring is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this is seen in the stunningly detailed grain setting on the feature plates which rests on both shoulders and Aristotle's signature 'fancy bezel' encasing the customers stunning opal